Ultherapy – Beautiful, lasting, nonsurgical alternatives to tighten your skin and give you confidence.

Ultherapy combines ultrasound imaging with ultrasound heat to actually lift lax skin without disrupting the surface of the skin.


That’s right, a lift without surgery. What is so amazing is that for the first time Ultherapy allows the physician to visualize the layers of soft tissue below the skin without cutting so the energy can be delivered to the correct depth for maximal results. Ultherapy it is cleared by the FDA for the face and neck and has a specific indication for brow lifting.

The sound waves from the Ultherapy device are concentrated at a focal point where it contracts the tissue and initiates a collagen rebuilding process. The results can be immediate but the full effect takes up to 90 days while tired collagen is replaced with new, stronger collagen. You can think of Ultherapy as a process that “jump starts” your skin’s ability to produce fresh new collagen. Not everyone is a candidate. If the area under the chin has light to moderate sagging dramatic results can be seen.

Ultherapy is currently approved by the FDA for: Brow Lift, Under Neck Jowl, Crepe neck skin, and Chest Wrinkles.



Areas of treatment: Brow Lift, Upper Face, Lower Face, Full Face, Full Neck, Full Face & Neck, Chest


Eyebrows $789

Eye Crinkles $789

Under the Eyes $789

Upper Face $2089


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